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Exclusive and sustainable painting

The only painting line outside an assembler in the country, Aethra's process is done in five layers, with the same technical level and quality of automakers in Brazil and abroad. The structure allows to serve from KTL painting to final painting in solid, metallized or pearled colors, even for large bed type cabins (4600L x 2400C x 2200A), with a sustainable process of water reuse.

  • ◼ Flexibility for customization
  • ◼ Dürr Technology
  • ◼ Production capacity of 82,000 cabins per year
  • ◼ More than 30 different colors approved

A modern company with a history of success. The perfect partner for innovative solutions, quality products and commitment to fulfill and go beyond our clients expectations. This is Aethra.

  • +55 31 3045-9199
  • Av. Centauro, 234
    32242-000 Contagem
    MG - Brasil
  • Aethra