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Control Arm: Aethra know-how and innovation

Thorough studies, proven experience and a product tested and approved by customers. For over ten years, Aethra has been offering the Control Arm (also known as swing arm, fan, or tray) to the market, one of the main components that make up the suspension system, providing passengers with comfort and safety while driving a vehicle.

"It is a structural component, being responsible for absorbing stresses, vibrations and impacts that may occur on the vehicle", explains Lucas Passos Costa, Aethra Suspensions Platform manager.

Such know-how gives Aethra the ability to constantly evolve the in-house production process, ensuring advantages for the company and its customers; proven fact recently.

"In the last project developed, we had as main feature the evolution of quality and safety controls. Intelligent automated processes have raised the standard for product quality and increased the level of information present in component traceability", says Alexandre Assi, Aethra's Deputy Director of Engineering.

Aethra Differential

Aethra has a specialized team capable of formatting disruptive solutions for the market, innovating in traditional areas. The strength of its engineering guarantees the company advantages in the sector, mainly due to its complete service already known and attested by customers.

"As a Full Service company, we are able to offer our customers an integrated project solution, ranging from mathematical model creation, stamping simulation, virtual validation, physical validation, fabrication, assembly and final painting," says Lucas Passos Costa.

"We have a team of trained and qualified professionals, which is the result of several decades working in this market," he adds.


A modern company with a history of success. The perfect partner for innovative solutions, quality products and commitment to fulfill and go beyond our clients expectations. This is Aethra.