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Aethra Full Service makes experience and quality available to customers

Aethra is a reference in the supply of suspension system components, being one of the few companies in the country full service in this profile. "We do everything from designing with customer engineering to validating, stamping and tooling production," explains Marco Aurélio Abranches Cruz, Suspension Platform Development Engineer at Aethra Engenharia.

The most common model produced by the company is McPherson, which serves about 80% of the national market. According to Lucas Passos Costa, Aethra Engenharia Suspension Platform manager, the know-how acquired in the last years in the production of the system guarantees products aligned with the market trends and the international safety standards required for this part profile.

In addition, Aethra's investment in automation ensures even more credibility with the market. "The company's infrastructure is state-of-the-art, it has a robotic production line, quality welding devices and an extremely skilled engineering team for project design," says Lucas.


One of the differences of the work done by Aethra is in the design of the projects. Unlike competitors, who design parts or just produce them, the company offers the complete package. "It is a joint development with the customer. We carry out the design of the 3D and 2D project, virtual validation, prototyping, production and final validation". Explains Lucas.

One of the company's expansion focuses is on Control Arm: A complex production process involving MIG / MAG welding, resistance welding and insertion of elastic components is required. This whole process takes place in a fully automated line with 100% automatic quality inspection, eliminating any chance of human error", says Lucas


A modern company with a history of success. The perfect partner for innovative solutions, quality products and commitment to fulfill and go beyond our clients expectations. This is Aethra.