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Aethra aims to be economically viable, socially just, and environmentally responsible.

One of our ongoing challenges is to make sustainability an integral part of our business, contributing to the creation of an economic, social, and environmental legacy throughout the production chain in which we operate.

We uphold high ethical standards and prioritize transparency in our relationships with stakeholders. We focus on risk prevention and implement secure and effective business and environmental management processes. We understand the commitment to proposing and supporting continuous programs for the development of social practices in the communities where our plants are located, working in collaboration with our employees, customers, suppliers, and society.

Our strong commitment to environmental preservation is backed by two decades of environmental certification, in compliance with the rigorous standards set forth in ISO 14001. During this period, we have implemented a range of comprehensive sustainability programs. These programs include initiatives aimed at reducing water and energy consumption, minimizing effluent and waste generation, as well as concrete actions to combat and mitigate climate change.

We address environmental issues on major internationally recognized sustainability platforms, such as NQC, CDP, and EcoVadis.

Aethra's efforts extend beyond mere promises and translate into measurable actions that demonstrate our commitment to positively contribute to the environment. Over these 20 years of tireless dedication, our work in adopting sustainable practices has resulted in measurable and beneficial outcomes for our planet and future generations.

Aethra Sustainability

A modern company with a history of success. The perfect partner for innovative solutions, quality products and commitment to fulfill and go beyond our clients expectations. This is Aethra.

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