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Serving the entire industry

Modeling Center with exclusive area dedicated to projects and construction of master models, control devices and prototypes for all industrial segments, with one of the largest CNC in the world (2x spindles and 22m x 6m x 5m table).
The activities are linked to the style centers and product engineering, which allows codesign work with customers. Aethra develops and builds models at different scales and interfaces with different types of materials (clay, EPS, resin, wood and aluminum).

  • ◼ Molds / Dies (EPS) for casting
  • ◼ CAD/CAM 3D
  • ◼ 3D laser scans (reverse engineering)
  • ◼ Large CNC machining using 5 simultaneous axes

A modern company with a history of success. The perfect partner for innovative solutions, quality products and commitment to fulfill and go beyond our clients expectations. This is Aethra.

  • +55 31 3045-9199
  • Av. Centauro, 234
    32242-000 Contagem
    MG - Brasil
  • Aethra